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Developer of carbon dioxide recycling devices designed to turn CO₂ into cost-competitive chemicals and fuels. The company's devices make products from recycled emissions and renewable electrons, enabling industries to reduce the carbon footprint while creating a new revenue stream from waste products.
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ZymoChem is re-imagining how to make some of our favorite everyday products without polluting the planet. Motivated by the enormous carbon footprint and vast amount of trash from the fossil-based materials produced by century-old technologies of the ‘traditional’ chemicals industry, ZymoChem’s mission is to create plant-based, hero materials that enable a sustainable future. We are realizing this vision by pioneering low-cost fermentation-based production of chemicals coupled with advanced materials development technologies.
Checkerspot is a high performance materials company that designs materials at a molecular level. We exist because the world needs new materials designed to perform better but are also less toxic and safer for the environment, and can be biomanufactured at scale. Our Mission is to use the power of biotechnology to expand the palette of molecular building blocks for high performance and sustainable materials. Our Vision is to be the most impactful 21st century materials company by delivering unique, new technologies & materials into the hands of fabricators and designers, the makers that conceive the next generation of high performance products. We do this by optimizing natural microbes to biomanufacture unique structural oils discovered in nature, but not previously accessible commercially.
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Categorized is a medical technology company that revolutionizes diagnostics using cell mechanics and machine learning. The company was founded in 2013 by Ajay Shah and Dino Di Carlo and is based in San Francisco, California, United States.
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Ecovative uses biology to solve fundamental human needs at industrial scales and in consumer applications. Ecovative uses mycelium to grow category defining products ranging from leather like textiles to sustainable packaging to high performance foams for apparel and beauty. Ecovative has been widely recognized for its technical and environmental contributions by organizations like the World Economic Forum and in the media including Wired Magazine, Forbes, and Time.
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Based in Cambridge, MA, STRM.BIO (pronounced “storm bio”) is a pre-clinical, VC-backed biotechnology company that aims to fulfill the promise of gene therapy by leveraging extracellular vesicles (EVs) to deliver treatment directly to the patient (in vivo). Unlike viruses, EVs are natural carriers of nucleic acids and proteins with innate targeting capabilities, amenability to large scale/commercial manufacture, and low immunogenicity – which make them excellent cell messengers for gene therapies. Our proprietary EV platform is establishing a whole new class of therapeutics, yielding new therapies and making existing ones more effective. At STRM.BIO, we believe that our work has the potential to democratize gene therapy and bring hope for patients fighting rare diseases worldwide. We are currently recruiting team members who can help us make our vision a life-saving reality.
EnPlusOne is enabling the future of RNA and RNA solutions. Its ezRNA™ synthesis platform is a revolutionary innovation that can incorporate a diverse array of nucleotide modifications. The promise of sustainably delivering therapeutic RNA at commercial scale has arrived. In addition to direct RNA synthesis, EnPlusOne's ezRNA™ platform supports a vast array of RNA solution applications.
Phantom is creating a human-machine interfacing system for lifelike control of technology. We are currently hiring skilled and forward-thinking electrical, mechanical, UI, AR/VR, and Ai/ML engineers.
Life exists in motion. CellChorus® is a high-throughput platform for evaluating how individual cells move, behave and interact. The company applies visual AI to evaluate Time-lapse Imaging Microscopy in Nanowell Grids (TIMING™) videos and characterize cell behavior such as movement, activation, killing and survival.
Vitra Labs is rethinking infertility through next generation IVF.
Canaery is developing a revolutionary sensory and data platform to digitize the sense of smell.
Surf Bio is a preclinical biopharmaceutical company leveraging a novel biotechnology platform to develop enhanced therapeutic solutions for diabetes, oncology, infectious diseases, gene therapy, and other therapeutic areas. Surf Bio was launched by the founders of Bigfoot Biomedical and Mode AGC to commercialize a breakthrough drug stabilization technology developed in the Appel Lab. Commercially, the technology is designed to enable reduction of refrigeration requirements, transition from IV to subcutaneous therapy, and novel pharmaceutical formulations across a range of therapeutic areas. For more information about Surf Bio, visit